REMAC Cargo S.R.L.


Our customers can opt for transportation insurance through REMAC CARGO SRL or DHL Global Forwarding (GF).We offer transportation insurance (land, air, sea, river and/or multimodal) through a floating policies, subject to prior declarations of boarding and/or dispatch, with a leading company in the market, through an insurance broker with a team competent professional.

Covering crossings from any point in the world to their final destination, with highly convenient and competitive conditions, in addition to covering the risks inherent in transportation and others, they have immediate attention for subscriptions and/or Policies, such as for claims care, claims care 24 hours a day, and specialized staff.

Depending on the type of merchandise, our customers may opt for All Risk Policies (Clause A of the London Institute for Charges), or Private Fault-Free, which have the Clauses and/or Additional Coverages related, to fees for competitive boarding for the universe of customers who honor us with their trust.

The packaging for transport must be adequate according to the technical standards established by the supplier and/or international standards.

ExclusionsHumidity, coloration and pollution.

Own vice Excludes confiscation Transport of explosives and firearms.

Other exclusions according to general policy conditions.

For more information about transportation insurance please contact us.

In case there is a transport insurance through DHL GF, refer to the following link for more information: